Sense of Colour

Welcome to Sense of Colour!

Life is colour. It surrounds us and impacts us every moment through our senses, both visual and non-visual. We all respond to colour, even though we each have our own personal preferences. It is a universal language and our colour choices communicate our thoughts and feelings, needs and desires.

Colour can support us to restore and balance our energies. Through my understanding of colour and my training with the Aura-Soma® colour system, it is my goal to support others to experience the wonderful benefits that colour awareness can bring.

See what your favourite colour says about you! Choose your colour by placing your mouse over the colour rose (to the right) to find out. What colour calls to you the most? Would you like to explore more? Are you interested to find out how to improve your wellbeing through the energies of colour?

Working with your chosen colours can help you reveal and support the positive energies of those colours. Contact me to make an appointment if you would like to learn more. In addition to the Aura-Soma products, I also stock an ever-growing assortment of interesting colourful items including jewellery, scarves and organic cosmetics, perfumes and bath products.